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    How to keep the silver shine?

    Shining - In order to ensure that your silver piece retains its shine, it is recommended to wipe it gently, using a soft and dry cloth, once every two weeks. This prevents yellowing or blackening of the silver piece, and maintains its glowing appearance.

    Cleaning following use - The silver piece must be washed immediately after use, especially if it has come into contact with vinegar, lemon, wine, or salt. After washing, the piece should be dried with a soft cloth.

    Wax stains - If the silver piece comes in contact with wax, the wax can be removed with hot water.

    Periodic cleaning - Only silver cleaning products bearing a stamp of approval should be used to clean the products, in accordance with the instructions appearing on the back of the cleaning products themselves.

    Preventing scratching and bending - Coarse cloths, or any other abrasive products that could potentially result in scratches, should not be used to clean the piece. Do not apply excessive force when cleaning the piece, especially when cleaning Hanukkah Menorahs or candelabras.

    Gold plated pieces - The gold plated section of gold plated pieces should not be cleaned with silver cleaning products, but only with a soft, dry cloth.

    Preserving your piece - Avoid exposing the piece to direct sunlight or to direct sources of heat/cold.



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    How to keep the silver shine?
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